Choosing a size

Choosing the size of your browband.

Please do not guess the size of your browband! You must measure! Feel free to order your browband and email to let us know you are going to confirm the size later, we dont mind if you do that!

Our sizings are not related to bridle size, so for example, if your pony takes a pony sized bridle, it may still take a cob size browband.

Here is a list of our sizes and the measurements in centimetres.

pony - 32.5cm
large pony - 33.5cm
cob - 34.5cm
large cob - 36cm
full - 38cm
large hack - 40cm
wb - 42cm


Just to illustrate how fickle sizing can be I will tell you about the sizes my 3 horses wear.

Diego is a 10.1hh shetland pony. He wears a pony size bridle, and he takes a 37cm band, halfway between large cob and full size browband. (We like to say he has a huge brain...)

Omar is a 15.2h, arab x tb. he wears a full size bridle and he takes a full size browband.

Fantom is a 15.3hh arab x tb. He wears a full size bridle and takes a WB size browband.

So from there, you can see that guessing from height/breed/bridle size does not always work, it is safest to measure.


Please take the time to measure your current work bridle's browband by taking it off the bridle and measuring it flat. That is the ONLY way to confirm for sure that you are ordering the correct size.

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